GPS RealTime Tracking System

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Manage the location of small fleets of truck and delivery vehicles
Improve logistics and enhance delivery efficiency
Coordinate dispatch destinations with drivers
Monitor Cargo and Assets
Pet Tracking
Personal Tracking
Corporate Fleet Management
Travel & Tour operators
Professional Transporters
Logistics & Courier companies
Consumer market for Personal tracking, Car tracking, Child/elderly person tracking
Government Municipal Transport
Police & Defense market
Car Security & recovery

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Vehicle Tracking

bullet (1K)Watch Live: You can track your assets live using Google Earth or mapview

bullet (1K)Trip Data Recording: The following data is recorded date and time, distance traveled, journey duration, vehicle speed, engine speed (RPM), journey departure and arrival time, driver name, driver ID, vehicle ID.

bullet (1K)Driving Violations: The following standard violations are recorded: over speeding, over revving, green band driving, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, excessive idling and overtime driving.

bullet (1K)Customised Events: Define customised events, such as driver door opening, no-go zone entered, hazard lights activated and refrigerator temperature exceeded.

bullet (1K)Second-to-Second (Tacho) Data: The status of inputs such as speed and RPM is recorded every second. This provides valuable in-depth information for accident analysis.

bullet (1K)Servicing and Licensing: Set reminders for your vehicle's next service or for your vehicle/driver license expiry.

bullet (1K)Driver Identification & Immobilisation: Use a driver tag to identify the driver. A default driver can be assigned to a vehicle. An immobiliser function ensures the car only starts if an authorised driver inserts his driver tag.

bullet (1K)Warning Buzzer: Set a warning buzzer to sound when driving violations or events take place. trakking (19K)

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Security Alarm

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Car Alarm Car Security House and Office Security System

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Surveillance Camera

Main features:
Video clip (desirable time duration) and/or single snapshot images
JPEG and MPEG-4 compression
Images can be saved on a local microSD card
Lens can be selected according to user requirements and needs
Built-in microphone for audio surveillance
Built-in Web server for monitoring via standard browser
Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE network
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